ramen Tours

Visiting Tokyo, but have no idea how to navigate the 1000s of ramen restaurants? Dedicated bilingual, ramen connoisseurs will help guide half day tours in both English and Japanese. Included in the tours are visits to two, specifically catered ramen restaurants, an explanation of the ramen being served, overview and brief history of ramen in Japan, as well as tour around the neighborhoods we visit.


Contact us for pricing for special tours.

Ramen Koike

Menya Itto & Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta

Visits to the Two Iconic Tokyo Ramen SHops

Special tours to visit the famed Menya Itto and Homemade Ramen Tsuta restaurants. Must book at least one month ahead. Schedules based on schedule of the two restaurants.

Okonomi Tour

Okonomi - Japanese for “To your taste”

Special tours for experienced ramen eaters catering toward your specific taste. We will begin with a sit down and questionnaire to find out which restaurants will be perfect for you!

Ramen tour

Introductory Tour

Tour will consist of two different varieties of ramen and an explanation of the history of the ramen types. Perfect for those looking to get their feet wet in ramen!