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Menya Hyottoko (麺屋 ひょっとこ), The Original Yuzu Ramen Shop, Yurakucho

Back in the early 2000s, a particular citrus fruit became popular within ramen circles for its sweet, zesty, and sour flavor notes which pairs fairly well with a number of ramen broths. While Afuri gained a huge following for their rendition of the Yuzu Ramen, one of the originators that doesn’t get the same following is Menya Hyottoko. Although Hyottoko is more highly rated by ramen magazines and publications, a number of reasons keep it from being as popular as Afuri. Firstly, its in a office heavy district of Yurakucho with few customers outside of workers in the area. Second, their small shop limits the number of bowls they can serve in a day, which has hampered their expansion plans. Hyottoko was finally able to expand to Ginza earlier last year and has thrived, which has comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with their bowl. The recipe here is loved by all the salarymen who work nearby and is slowly reaching the masses.

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